Buying and selling of goods evolved in the 17th and 18th centuries as living standard improved. People slowly slowly started purchasing things for their necessity and now we call this activity as shopping.

Shopping is everybody’s favourite pastime. Some people love to buy food; some buy clothes, some buy jewelry, some buy grocery items and so on. People nowadays can’t survive without shopping. Earlier people use to cover themselves in a piece of cloth without design, used to hunt from jungles and eat.

So basically living standard was very simple. But as world became more advanced so does people; now everything is available at the local market if you have money.

There are now two modes of shopping: Online and offline

  • Offline shopping– Visiting shops and buying things directly from shop. In the offline mode people can clearly choose and see the quality of products and buy them accordingly. But offline shopping is little time consuming and expensive. So another method called online shopping was developed.
  • Online shopping– Online shopping started so that people can shop easily from the comfort of their homes without stepping out. With time online shopping became so popular that many e-commerce apps were developed.

Importance of doing shopping:


Shopping is not only buying things but its pure emotions that make you feel good whenever you buy something new. It gives you lots of pleasure to try new things, or get a chance of hanging out with friends and family in big shopping malls. Shopping is loved by people of all ages. People who love shopping are called shopaholic. It is said that women most often enjoy shopping, it is because women loves fashion and trend more than other’s and they have mood swings too. So to reduce stress they do a hell lot of shopping.

Types of Shopaholic:

  • One who buys anything which they like and over spend on things, even if they don’t require it?
  • One who makes a list of essential things so to look at the expenses?
  • One who buys more than they use and just love to keep collections?

So shopping is a real fun and we Indians love shopping more than anything. If any special occasion arises like marriage, party, festival, arrival of guest we do shopping of clothes and eatables. So shopping is now a basic necessity of life as living standard is not the same anymore. It has improved so much now.